What is GymNav?

  • GymNav is a smartphone application that connects Users to health and fitness Providers for single day use passes.

How much does it cost to be a User?

  • It’s FREE! You only pay when you train. Downloading the app and having a User profile cost nothing.

How much does it cost to be a Provider?

  • FREE! To have an account and put up a listing costs nothing to our Providers.

Who are your Providers?

  • The entire health and fitness industry. Fitness centers, Health centers, CrossFit® boxes, Yoga studios, MMA, Martial Arts academies, Cycling studios, Rock climbing gyms, Pilates studios, Barre, Kids fitness facilities, trampoline parks, Ninja training facilities, Freelance physical trainers, home gyms. If you provide to the health and fitness industry you connect through GymNav.

Who are your Users?

  • Our community of GymNav Users are people looking to diversify their fitness needs. Many of our Users maintain a membership but want to try new things their current facility does not offer. Our Users can break free from having multiple memberships but still enjoy all the amenities of the health and fitness industry. GymNav is a great option for those who are traveling to new places and looking for trusted Providers in the area.

How does it work?

  • Users looking to connect simply search on the GymNav map, filtered by categories. Each Provider has a listing of their facility and posts their price, description, availability, and experience required for use. Once a User finds the Provider of their choice, they can pay for the single day use directly through GymNav.