Over Easter weekend in 2017, two Special Operations veterans got together with their families to celebrate. Having both just returned from separate business trips, the cofounders were frustrated with maintaining their health and fitness while on the road. As we all know, hotel gyms are limited in availability. The internet has thousands of potential locations for exercise in the local community, but having to describe your situation and receive follow-up emails and phone calls for months can be exhausting. There had to be another way, so GymNav was born! Why waste your time looking for a location to exercise when you can enjoy your time improving yourself.
GymNav is not just for travel, people can diversify their workouts and maintain a membership elsewhere . The cofounders run marathons, weightlifting competitions, rock climb professionally, martial arts, yoga, and do cross training. With GymNav all of these options are available to you, without having multiple memberships and being able to try new places within your local community.
The fitness freelancer can set their location to a local park and bring users to enjoy a Saturday morning through GymNav. With GymNav the endless possibilities to your fitness venture are right at your fingertips.
GymNav Adds a Destination to your Fitness