The Four-Hour Workweek


In the spring of 2017, Jake recommended me The 4-Hour Workweek (4HWW), a #1 New York Times bestseller by Tim Ferris. The 4HWW was the inception to GymNav, that other possibilities existed, and this book implanted the idea. The 4HWW is not the end all be all to entrepreneurship, and each person will take something completely different from the process. We will share our thoughts and takeaways from the book that started it all.

Jake’s Experience

Open your mind to opportunity

-The 4HWW opens your mind to the world around you

Work is about results, not hours spent on a project

 Life is meant to be lived, yes, but not in the fluffy feel-good BS sense, more of an experience-based sense.

Opens your mind to the world around you, the big world full of experiences that, if you don’t create opportunities for yourself, you will never see it.

Create enough wealth to give yourself security and options

 Don’t work just for ways to make your business or life easier, you don’t have to do an old practice in business or in life just because everyone else has done it for years.

Anthony’s Experience

 The 4HWW was the inception. The book showed me how to look at the big scary elephant in the next room and realize you can eat the elephant one bite at a time (this will be a common learning point throughout GymNav). The world of creating something is terrifying and humbling, people do not want to fail naturally and sometimes fail to do anything at all because of it. The 4HWW created challenges that take you outside your comfort zone.

One challenge was writing an email/phone call/letter to someone very powerful. Two months after my letter to George W. Bush I received a signed letter in return, wishing me the best of luck on my new adventure. The lesson from this is to act now and be uncomfortable. This mindset is contagious and can really separate you from mediocracy.

There is a section on becoming an expert by joining two associations and adding them to your website for others to see your credibility. I did not see the ROI on this method because no one cared and ended up paying $300 and a lot of focus on finding groups to join. Two learning points came from this.

  1. I did something in a positive direction which may have given me more confidence to do more.
  2. People don’t care about fluff, they want a good product.



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