Why did we build GymNav?

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In the spring of 2017, Jake and Anthony had both been traveling frequently all across the country. Trying to maintain health and fitness goals and defeat hotel room boredom, they attempted to work out at different gyms. Their individual travels came back with a common theme, working out while traveling is inconvenient and day passes are awful.

Hotel gyms are terrible

Broken equipment

Cramped rooms with poor ventilation/smells

3 machines to choose from

Gyms disrespect their day users

Overpriced passes (200% day rate compared to monthly pass)

Holding onto ID cards while a day pass user works out

Follow-on emails/phone calls asking to become a member

It is not the user’s fault they are asked to travel for work or pleasure and do not have a membership to local locations. WHY are users being treated like second-class citizens for wanting to improve themselves?

GymNav is the paradigm shift. GymNav will normalize pay per use, and a freemium model for users to get a discount and counter the overpriced day rate.

Standard Users use GymNav technology for free and pay the normal day rate of the gym

Select Users pay $5 a month to receive a 20% discount day passes for select GymNav locations

Premium Users pay $10 a month to receive a 50% discount on day passes for select GymNav locations

People associate their positive experiences with the location they had them. At GymNav, we want you to fall in love with your next destination.

Take Control of your Goals.

-GymNav Crew

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